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Suite 178
Edina, MN 55435
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Looking to take the next step in your career? We are hiring in Edina! We have open positions in the Edina area as well as across the country. Start your search today!

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About Us

Judge has been a leader in providing the IT industry with best-in-class talent since our founding in 1970. Throughout the past 50 years, our expert recruiters and staff have been connecting Minneapolis-area IT professionals to companies to fulfill their technology needs. Our technology professionals are ready and able to help your organization execute any tech-based challenges that you encounter. We are the 13th largest IT staffing firm, and we have maintained an expansive network of talent in the Twin Cities area. Judge will leverage our extensive pool of Minneapolis-area qualified professionals to give your company the capability to execute all your technology-based projects or initiatives.

We are proud to serve Minneapolis-area companies daily across a variety of industries including:

The Judge Group has a proven record of helping drive and support business IT initiatives, such as driving Agile transformations, updating your legacy & outdated systems, managing cloud migrations, and providing advisory & management services for our clients. In addition, we are also able to develop customized learning programs and resources to upskill and prepare your current employees for tomorrow’s workforce. We also offer additional professional services such as direct placement, organizational change management, consulting, and much more, so we would love to learn more about how we can help you grow!

Our Edina, Minnesota office, located in the business district (right off France Avenue across from Southdale Mall) is focused serve our clients in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas. With over 30 different offices across the United States, Canada, and India, we are able to serve our clients wherever they are located.

While we are actively hiring, placing, and consulting in the Edina and Minneapolis market, we serve clients and companies throughout North America every day! We are both right around the corner and all across the country!


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